Muskox hunting in Greenland

We conduct hunts in our two huge and most unique hunting destinations in very scenic areas with a very high density of full grown Trophy bulls. These prehistoric Muskoxen are up to 900 pounds in body size - more than 20 % heavier than from other areas. The grazing conditions in these areas is the main reason for these oversize Muskoxen, and the cows sometimes produce two calves at a time- in other areas they produce one calf every second year.

Travelling to Greenland a quality hunting adventure is what most hunters expect. Our expedition hunts are therefor conducted far away from hunting pressure by chartering helicopter. With the extra days in the hunt we have no rush picking the very best Trophies only. A Greenland Outfitters trip is an escape from everyday life, attracting a group of like-minded, sharing experience and creating strong friendships.

Rifle and bow are conducted seperatly in different areas where Muskox hunters success and recovery rate so far has been 100%, and Caribou almost 100%. Additional Muskox and Caribou tags are available on request. Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Ptarmigan and fishing is No charge. 

Frank Feldmann is a well known outfitter, and he guides these hunts with his experienced team. Hunting season from July 1st to October 15th.


Muskox and Caribou Hunting

Article from July 2015 in American Hunters Magazine

Muskox only Hunting expedition is $7,450 plus $2,000 helicopter charter fee, and $1,500 Trophy fee.

Muskox and Caribou Hunting expedition is $12,450 plus $2,000 helicopter charter fee, and $1,500 Muskox Trophy fee payable upon wound or harvest.

We’ll back you up - Adventures at the edge of civilization can seem challenging to prepare for. Assistance with flight plans, travel plan, equipment planning, and follow up after your hunt. We are always ready to answer your email and phone call. 

When you contact us you are dealing with friendly people who actually run your hunt.

Cell phone: 011 299 28 48 51

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  • Muskox hunting with Rafe Nielsen from Browning

  • Muskox hunting with Shane Meisel from Leupold

  • Caribou hunting with Andrew McKean / Outdoor life, and Rafe Nielsen / Browning

  • Muskox hunting with Karen Mehal and Phil Phillis from American Hunters Magazine

  • Muskox hunting with SCI writer

  • Muskox hunting - Boone and Crockett trophy with Frank Feldmann

  • Muskox hunting in Greenland - Boone and Crockett with Rifle 

  • Muskox hunting - Boone and Crocket with bow

  • Caribou trophy hunting with Greenland Outfitters. 502" top 10 at SCI

  • Muskox hunting - new concession area with helicopter transfers

  • Greenland Muskox hunting

  • Muskox Boone and Crockett hunting in Greenland

  • Muskox hunting in Greenland

  • Old Muskox trophies lying around in the field

  • Muskox rifle hunting

  • Hunting in Greenland

  • Northern light at hunting camp

  • Hunting cabin in Southern area

Itinerary - Muskox and Caribou hunting

Day 1

Our representative welcomes you at the airport and take you to the helicopter. Arriving in camp we will welcome you, and start hunting after test shooting. Camp accomondated 5 hunters, and we have everything we need to make our stay comfortable. Breakfast and dinner is served in camp and during the day we make packed lunch. Dinners are prepared from fresh vegetables, supplemented with game, fish and wine for dinner. Muskox bag strap steak is very tasty. Trophies are 100% safe in our plugin freezer in the field.

Day 2-7

Muskox success rate is 100%, and our remote hunting destinations has a density of big Trophies unique for all of Greenland. Each day we see many Muskox trophy bulls and split the group in two on one. When a big bull is spotted the stalk begins.
Caribou 2 x 1 spot and stalk success rate is close to 100% exploring seldom hunted country. From around Aug 20th the bulls drop their velvet. We usually tag out early, and hunt Arctic Fox, Polar Hare, and Ptarmigan. Additional Muskox or Caribou Trophy tags are available on request.

Day 8 
The last day the helicopter takes us back. Fly back home, or see more of Greenland.



  • Charter helicopter transfers
  • Accommodation, meals at camp with wine for dinner
  • Caribou tag for Combo hunts
  • Arctic Fox, Polar Hare, and Ptarmigan License
  • Fishing license
  • Weapon permit, Flight Plan, Luggage Support, Hotel Reservations, Equipment Planning, and Travel Back Up
  • Tags / permits / Gov fees / 42% taxes
  • Paper work to bring in your weapon
  • Rifle rental and ammunition - 300 Win Mag with silencers - No charge
  • Export Trophy Documents for Europe
  • Product liability insurance


Not included

  • Airfare Greenland and back
  • Transfer hotel overnights
  • Trophy handling, crating, shipping, import taxes and taxidermy
  • Other alcoholic beverages
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Tipping 
  • All that was not described under “included”
  • All prices are per person


About us

In Greenland nature prevails and hunting at the edge of civilization can seem challenging to prepare for. When you contact Frank Feldmann the owner of Greenland Outfitters you are dealing directly with the person who is running your trip - not a travel agency.

Meet our experiences guide team, providing you with only the best quality trophies and Muskox hunting experience. Using only top quality equipment we operate as smoothly and comfortably as possible. The wilderness makes us feel small and the silence show us who we really are and where we come from. 

When booking a hunt with Greenland Outfitters anyone can rest assured knowing that we will do everything possible to provide you with the best of the best hunting in Greenland. Assistance with flight plan, hotel overnight and personal equipment. Call us with any questions you may have.



Greenland has attracted pioneers for more than 4500 years.
Nature is powerful and the extreme conditions the Inuit people have lived under in this fantastic environment for human existence has created a strong sense of community and enjoyment of company.

Icebergs and the inland ice are the most famous aspects of nature. Huge blue and white icebergs in fantastic shapes float on the deep blue sea. The inland ice covering most of the continent is up to 2 miles thick and has always been under constant movement and change.

Greenland is also about wildlife in the environment of green mountains with wild Arctic flowers, long fjords, precipitous cliffs, hot springs, mountains, rivers and lakes. Animals thrive on land and at sea- muskox, caribou, arctic fox, hares, ptarmigan, eagle, duck, waterfowl, whales and seals.
Weather in the summer hunting season
Greenland average summer month temperature does not exceed 50° F. However it can rise to more than 70° F in June, July or August.
The air is generally very dry in Greenland.

Kalaallisut the local spoken language belongs to the Inuit-Aleut family of languages and is spoken by 80,000 Inuit’s in Greenland, Alaska and Canada. Danish is the first foreign language learned in Greenland's schools, and many young people also speak good English.
Supermarket is open on weekdays from 10.00 – 18.00. Saturday 09.00 – 13.00.

The cell phone system is GSM 900/1800. Most remote places there is no signal and only sat phones can be used.


Hunting equipment

For Muskox Hunts in Greenland the outer shell should be water proof.

Clothing in layers. Your clothing must breathe, be quiet, comfortable and wick the moisture your body generates. If you sweat, you freeze!
Thinking about equipment and its related bulk and weight, think small, light, yet top quality for performance and diversity.

Good things in life are generally expensive. Finding the perfect equipment that will do it all and last a lifetime, is important.

Warm sleeping bags are also provided by Greenland Outfitters.

• Boots, if new break them before the hunt + small duct tape / compeed

• Light shoes

• Camo rainwear Goretex - jacket + pants/long Johns

• Extra rainwear thin, if heavy rain Goretex will not keep you dry

• Camo shirt and pants

• 2 wool shirt + 2 medium-weight + 1 jacket

• 2 pair of long wool under pants + under pants

• 3 pair thick wool hiking socks

• Cap + camo head cover

• Scarf small 

• Warm gloves

• Inner sheet for the sleeping bag

• Towel

• Personal medicine, if any

• Tooth brush, tooth paste, small shampoo

• Lip balm with sun factor

• Sun protection high factor

• Mosquito spray + head cover net

• Energy pills to give you extra power for the trip

• Rifle + 20 shells

• Binoculars

• Hunting knife

• Flashlight/headlamp         

• String 20 meter


Contact and Booking

Outfitter, Professional Hunter and Guide
Frank Feldmann
B-988 3932

License No: 32460887
Cell phone:011 299 28 48 51

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